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Lipoma Removal Oil Lipoma Treatment Herbal Oil

Lipoma Removal Oil Lipoma Treatment Herbal Oil

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1. Made from natural herbal plant extracts, safe and without side effects.

2. Easy to absorb, deeply penetrates, and quickly relieves discomfort.

3. Designed for benign lipomas, painless treatment, anti-inflammatory from the inside of the skin.

4. The faint herbal fragrance allows you to get rid of the irritating smell of traditional ointments.

5. Small size, light weight, easy to carry.

How to use:

1 CLEAN :Before using this product , you need to wash your skin a and dry it

2 APPLY :Take an appropriate amount of lipoma oil and spread it evenly on the skin,massage in circular motions until absorbed,apply three to four times a day.

3 WASH :Wash hands after use and avoid accidental contact with eyes of other sensitive parts.

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