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Roll on Frankincense Essential Oil

Roll on Frankincense Essential Oil

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  1. Calming and Grounding: Frankincense essential oil is renowned for its calming and grounding properties, making it ideal for reducing stress and promoting relaxation.

  2. Spiritual Connection: Frankincense has a deep-rooted connection to spirituality and is often used in meditation or mindfulness practices to enhance focus and deepen spiritual experiences.

  3. Skincare Support: Frankincense is known to support healthy skin by promoting a youthful complexion and reducing the appearance of imperfections. It can be applied to the skin to nourish and rejuvenate.

  4. Respiratory Health: Inhaling the aroma of Frankincense may assist in promoting clear respiratory passages and supporting overall respiratory health.

  5. Mood Enhancement: The scent of Frankincense can positively impact mood, helping to uplift and create a sense of peace and harmony.

How to Use: Apply the Frankincense essential oil roll-on to pulse points such as wrists, temples, and the back of the neck. Gently massage into the skin. Inhale deeply after application to enjoy its aromatic benefits. Use it throughout the day as needed.


  • If you have sensitive skin, it's advisable to do a patch test before applying to larger areas of the body.
  • This roll-on essential oil is pre-diluted, making it safe for direct application to the skin.
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